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Restoration Internal Medicine

Urgent Care

We believe that a healthcare provider needs to be available when you are sick. We will see you today (or tomorrow at the latest) for any illness.

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Preventative Medicine

We feel very strongly that prevention of disease is much more important than waiting until the disease develops. We encourage regular visits to catch illness before serious complications are incurred.

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Pain Management

An estimated 50 million Americans live with daily pain that affects their ability to enjoy various activities.

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Chronic Disease Management

Internal Medicine is the specialty of treating and managing chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, elevated choleserol, and emphysema.

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Always here when you need us!"

Preventative Medicine

Best way to stay healthy, is to never get sick. Let us help you prevent disease!

Chronic and disease management

We're here when you need us, for a new illness and to help you manage your chronic diseases. We help minimize complications.

Urgent Care

We're here when you need us for those minor illnesses and for the diagnostic challenges of more serious problems.

Long-Term Care Medicine

We see patients at Grayson Creek and Olin Village.

Pain Medicine

We manage patients with acute and chronic pain.

Our Team

Our Office Team consists of Phil Land PA-C, Penny Lovelace, and Lexi Surface.

Our Long-Term Medicine Team consists of Derrick Newkirk AGNP and Phil Land PA-C.

Both teams are prepared to handle your health needs.

We are a independent Internal Medicine practice staffed by the best medical assistants anywhere! Each member of this practice is an expert in his or her field. We no longer admit patients to Lexington Medical Center but use the hospitalist service there. We do admit to local rest homes. Our team sees patients at Grayson Creek of Welcome and Olin Village of Olin.

Restoration Internal Medicine PA was founded in July of 1989 as soon as Randy Long finished his residency. We began as the first tenant in the hospital-owned 10 Medical Park Drive and moved to our new location at 114 West Medical Park Drive in March of 1997. We will continue to strive to improve care through advanced technology, continuing education, and real concern for these friends.

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