What Am I Doing Now?


Welcome to my website.  As anyone bothering to read this knows, I spent a few months at a federal prison camp for prescribing a narcotic to an ex-girlfriend in an attempt to save her from her heroin addiction.  I wrote four prescriptions but she forged a bunch calling attention to what I had done.  I paid for a rehab facility and I made appointments for her with addiction specialists but I was afraid she would OD while waiting on the appointments; bad idea....right?  Who would have ever thought that I would make bad choices involving women?  Well this gave me some time off to read the Bible and my Internal Medicine books again, rest, and start a fitness program.  I even lost 60 or more pounds of fat and gained back some muscle with exercise.  I even became a certified personal fitness trainer and completed the NFPT Master Program including Sports Nutrition, Endurance (Cardiorespiratory), and Resistance (Weight lifting).

So for this year, until I get my license back, I have started a new company to offer support services to businesses...commercial cleaning, computer services like virus removal and software assistance, office management consulting, and fitness/weight loss.  I decided to call it Integrity First Professional Services.

I have purchased a fitness center/gym franchise from Anytime Fitness for Mooresville, Salisbury, and Statesville.  I plan to do my best to help members develop a healthy lifestyle in order to be healthier and happier.  The Mooresville location should open in March.


What Are My Plans?

Get back to the doctor business

Yes, I want to start my practice back in Lexington as soon as possible.  I will reappy for my license in December and hope I get it back 3-4 months later and then I have to get recredentialed with insurance companies.   The Social Security Act contains a regulation that bans doctors with felonies involving narcotics from billing Medicare and Medicaid for five years but one can potentially get a waiver for areas that need a physician or I can apply for a pardon. 

If neither of those options come to fruition then I'm considering opening a medical spa for laser body sculpting, skin revitalization (toning and tightening), spot removal, spider vein removal, tattoo removal, and scar removal (surgical and acne).  I would also consider being a company doctor especially with my new fitness and weight loss training.  I probably couldn't do that in Lexington though.

I want to start back over here in Lexington taking former and new patients but we'll have to wait and see what happens with the insurance issue.  What a mess!  God has plans for all of us and it's not for us to know or question but it sure is frustrating not to know the details.